Clax 100 L Crystal Powder, Packaging Size: 25 Kg




Clax 100 L Crystal Superior Performance Detergent

CLAX 100 L Crystal is a fully built, advanced laundry detergent with built-in alkali booster forlight and heavy soils. Clax 100L Crystal is for most of the fabric used in OPL and commerciallaundry that is cottons, polyesters and cotton-polyester blends.

Features and Benefits Combined detergent with builder booster hence no need for additional alkali booster.Special non-ionic formulation provides excellent detergency on all types of fatty soils.Quickly removes and suspends dirt particles.Presence of a high level of anti-re deposition polymers prevents re-deposition during wash-cycle and eventually prevents fabric graying.High level of water hardness sequestrates ensures prevention of scale build-up and maintain linen whiteness.Presence of optical brightener, whitens and brightens the fabric.


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